Discover Success In Dating In A Rapidly Changing World

Create connections with meaning, purpose and potential. Stop struggling and start enjoying your Dating Life to its fullest... Find Success in 8 Weeks


Online Dating 101 

Learn the DO's and DON'Ts of online dating, how to communicate with intention, create connections, and reduce your rate of rejection. We’ll even help you create an amazing dating profile, no matter which site or app you're using! 


If you’re like many of the men we've worked with…

  • You might have spent lots of time on Grindr, Scruff, or Tinder... only to be disappointed time after time. 

  • You may see or connect with a guy you’re attracted to, but you never know what to say to them. 

  • You already thought dating was a crapshoot... and now with the global pandemic, it feels even more impossible to have success in romance.

You probably thought the problem was…

  • You're too old, too unattractive, and gay men are shallow.

  • “All the good men in my area are taken.”

  • Gay men just wanna hookup and don’t want anything meaningful.

  • It's impossible to make good connections now with all the COVID-19 restrictions in place, and stay safe at the same time.

But that’s not the problem. That was never the problem.

You might have hoped that if you just put up a dating profile, Mr. Right will eventually find you.

But time keeps passing by, and you don't feel like you're getting anywhere. 

Here are the real reasons this isn’t working.

  • No one taught you how to strike up enticing conversations on dating apps and to confidently move to the first (virtual) date.

  • You haven't learned the power of virtual and online connections that can build a rock solid foundation for a long-term relationship (that moves from virtual to in-person!).

  • The gay community is full of wounded men who don’t feel worthy of love after growing up and being told something was wrong with them, so they stay closed off, fear rejection, and can be incredibly non-commital.

  • Even straight people find dating in the 21st century uncomfortable and unnatural. And it’s even more challenging for gay men… and no one has shown you a clear, effective way to date successfully.

What you need is a game plan that takes all the guesswork and frustration out of dating during this time...

So that you know exactly how to navigate the whole process to attract and keep the man you’ve always wanted

We believe there are 3 areas you must master in order to attract and keep the man you’ve always wanted.

  1. Being able to confidently make new connections.

  2. Knowing the best ways to show up on the initial dates, so the right guy for you won’t be able to resist being around you more and more.

  3. Maintaining steady growth towards living your most thriving, connected life as an individual and with your partner.


We’re Zach and Andrew, and we’ve spent the past few years helping gay men find love.

We have made it our life’s mission to empower gay men to attract and build the relationship of their dreams. And after thousands of hours of working with gay men, we created the... 


Time after time, when men implement the system, they are amazed at how their relationships improve and they get dates with men they used to think were “out of their league” (there’s no such thing -by the way!)


Here’s Who This Process Has Worked For...


Thriving in a Long Term Relationship After Completing GDSS


Now Dating More Than Ever After 4 Year Dry Spell


First Relationship With a Man after 6 Weeks of Coaching!!


Most Passionate Romance After 2 Months of Coaching!


Enjoys Cuddles with His First Boyfriend Ever!!


Now Getting Lots of Dates While Barely Trying!

This process works for EVERY gay man who has a sincere desire to have a meaningful, long-term relationship. And has continued to work through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Even if...

  • You have ZERO dating experience

  • You hate dating apps or have never used them 

  • You’ve already been through years of counseling, therapy, or life coaching

  • You find yourself attracted to men who don’t seem interested

  • You’re insecure about your body, age, job or location

  • You’ve been ghosted and rejected countless times in the past

  • You’re well educated, successful, and know you’re an catch, but just can’t find a guy you feel attracted to

And yes, this process works no matter...

  • Your age

  • Your weight

  • Your ethnicity

  • Where you live

Imagine yourself 2 months from now….

  • You could be right where you are today… 

  • Second-guessing yourself on the apps...

  • Seeing guys you want to reach out to, but not knowing what to do or say… and not making it past an initial brief “hello” (if that)...


  • You could be having lots of great conversations online...

  • Enjoying phone or FaceTime dates with men who are eager to get to know you better...

  • Consistently and easily getting 1, 2, or even 3 new dates per week with men who are wanting a long-term relationship… and feeling in charge of who you want to keep seeing

You could be enjoying a 2nd or 3rd date with a man you’re SUPER attracted to… 

A man who’s so interested in you that neither one of you want the date to end... 

Where you conversation lasts for hours because you’re both having so much fun...and ends with him asking...

“When can we do this again?”

That’s what the GAY DATING SUCCESS SYSTEM is all about.

Gay Dating Success System

In just 6 weeks, you'll go from feeling stagnated in dating to feeling confident you know what to do to make great connections, and meet high quality men in the process.

The Complete Gay Dating Success System ($3000 Value)

8-weeks of targeted video trainings and step-by-step instructions proven to help you meet the best guys for you and start a long term relationship with a man you love.
(With lifetime access to these trainings)

Lifetime Access To The GDSS Private Facebook Group ($997 Value)

Share your dating and relationship progress so you can get more feedback from coaches and other members implementing the same materials.

Six Bonus Trainings with Zach & Andrew ($1,997 Value)

Join Zach and Andrew in these recorded sessions to get up-to-date information on how men are having the most success in love, dating, and connection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But right now, for a limited time, we have opened enrollment for the Gay Dating Success System at $647.


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