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Core Energy Bootcamp

Next Bootcamp starts May 13th!

6-Week Intensive Group Coaching and Support

with Zach Bulls & Andrew Sartory

Leave with New Friends and Feel MORE Connected ...

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Get your personal roadmap to be the master of your own life in 2021.

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Create Community

Join the gay community you always wanted, but never had.

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Ignite Your Core Energy

Unleash an unstoppable mindset to feel more power, passion, and purpose.

Here's the reality right now . . . 

Deep down, you know you want to live a larger life. But maybe you don’t know what that is, or you feel blocked in getting there. And 2020 certainly hasn’t made things easier.

This has been an unprecedented year of trials and tribulations. And we’re all feeling the effects.

Some are putting their hopes in a vaccine, placing life on hold and not taking control.

But you don’t want to wait. You want to claim your power and move forward in your life NOW. But it just feels too hard when the rest of the world is stuck in fear.

Here’s the truth: we all have a powerful, inner force…that, when tapped into and unleashed, enables us to achieve any dream, goal, or desire we put our heart to.

WE are the only thing standing between us and our dreams.


Here's what we can do about it . . . 

This Core Energy Bootcamp is about YOU getting the tools, clarity, power, and community support to BREAKTHROUGH old patterns that have caused you to self-sabotage for years.

When you join other powerful gay men and do this work together, you’ll go much further than you ever could on your own.

“Alone we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

-Ready to make 2021 your year of breakthroughs?

-Want to radically improve your love life?

-Need more confidence in your career?

-Need more momentum for that New Year’s diet plan?

Whatever your goals, when you master your own energy, you master your outcomes.

NO ONE can do the work for you. But you don’t have to do it alone. We have the tools, frameworks, roadmap, and community that will help you thrive and do things you’ve never done.

Are you ready to show up for yourself more than ever before?

If yes, this bootcamp is for you.

Meet your guides over the next 6 weeks

Zach Bulls

Zach Bulls

Co-Founder of Gay Man Thriving, Professional Coach & Mentor 

Andrew Sartory

Andrew Sartory

Co-Founder of Gay Man Thriving, Holistic Health & Growth Expert

Andrew and Zach have been to hell and back many times, in many ways.

Enduring relentless health crises and almost dying several times between the two of them. Hitting rock bottom and wanting to die by suicide. Being so broke with no hopes of financial abundance and security. And having zero luck in dating, or getting stuck in abusive relationships.

They used to feel like a rain cloud followed them everywhere they went. But as individuals, before they met each other and became husbands, they learned to create their own reality and rise above any obstacle the world would throw at them.

Between the two of them, they have healed chronic health conditions where doctors failed and are in the best shape of their lives, built the marriage of their dreams (and helped other gay men do the same), and now enjoy running a business that changes and impacts tens of thousands of lives around the world everyday.

In this Core Energy Bootcamp, they will show you how they mastered their own energy and are helping their clients do the same. You’ll be guided through a step-by-step powerful process so you can Bulletproof Your 2021 and make giant leaps towards having it all!

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Here's what you will learn . . . 

Figure out how you’re standing in your own way

Uncover the patterns and habits preventing you from achieving your biggest desires. (Hint: It’s NOT the pandemic)

Identify your most important areas of focus.

When you understand where you need to make changes, you will be more empowered to achieve anything you set your mind to: a better love life, career, health, and more!

Proven strategies to master your core energy.

Energy is the basis of life. When your energy is off, nothing goes the way you want it to. When you develop a more powerful, resilient energy, each day has more meaning and excitement, and you can create anything you want in your life.

How to have your own community of inspirational gay men in your life

Without meaningful, inspiring relationships, life gets dull and you won’t have the motivation to dream big. We’ll show you exactly how to surround yourself with people who love you for you, inspire you to be better, and who you love to be around.

How to craft a foolproof plan for success

Most people hope if they just keep doing the same thing, eventually things will change for them, but remain disappointed. We’ll help you craft your own foolproof plan for success to make sure you stay the course and achieve bigger, greater things in your life.

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Here's exactly what you get . . . 

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Weekly training calls with Zach and Andrew

Get ready for countless lightbulb moments that you’ll be excited to put into action.

Delivered via Zoom so you can join in from anywhere

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Simple, step-by-step action steps

When you follow these simple steps, you will feel changes in your energy and know you’re moving closer to your greatest desires.

Simple, concise actions any willing gay man can complete

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Private Facebook group for Bootcamp members

In between calls, interact with other men on a deeper level through Q&A, shares, and discussions 

We will also be having a lot of fun and friendships will be formed!

All calls are recorded for you

Even if you cannot make it one week, you can get access to all the call recordings and send in your questions in advance

Continue to listen and learn throughout the process even after the situation is over

We will also be offering special invite-only opportunities based on where the group flows!

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Registration Closes in . . . 









This is a time where you can decide to get on a path for success, or to stay stuck in the same old patterns. 

If this is the space you have been looking for to be able to finally PRIORITIZE your internal self-work you have been wanting to do for a while, we invite you to this journey.

We will be taking a stand for you to draw a line in the sand and choose to be a Gay Man Thriving! See you on the other side!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • A gay man of any age who wants to work on himself and have an incredible 2021
  • A gay man who is open to being coachable and supporting others’ sharing as well
  • A gay man who is willing and able to invest in a transformation in his inner beliefs 
  • If you want to connect and make new friends during this crazy time, this is for you regardless!

If you still have questions, just go ahead and send us an email at [email protected]